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Hadis Karimipour-Director

Dr. Hadis Karimipour is the Director of the Smart Cyber-Physical (SCPS) Lab, an Associate Professor and Chair in Secure and Reliable Networked Engineering Systems in the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. Her research mainly focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and machine learning on the Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure security.

​Her research interest includes:

  • AI-enabled Monitoring Solution for Smart Cyber-Physical Grids 

  • AI-enabled IoT/OT Security

  • Anomaly Detection in Critical Cyber-physical System

  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning


Lab Members

Ibrahim Al-Omari-MASc-W19-Present (UoG)

Hammed H. Pajouh-PhD-W19-Present (UoG)


Hussein M. Ruzbahani-PhD-F19-Present

Shahrzad H.Parast-PhD-F19-Present


Amir N. Jahromi-PhD-W20-Present (UoC)

Abbas Yazdinejad-PhD-W21-Present (UoG)


Akram Kalaee,





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Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

​in Intelligent Security Solutions for IoT-enabled Smart Grids

PhD Position 

Artificial Intelligence for Protecting Critical Infrastructure