Hadis Karimipour-Director

Dr. Hadis Karimipour is the director of the Smart Cyber-Physical (SCPS) Lab and an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph. Her research mainly focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and machine learning on the Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure security.

​Her research interest includes:

  • AI-enabled Monitoring Solution for Smart Grids and Energy Systems

  • AI-enabled IoT/OT Security

  • Anomaly Detection in Critical Cyber-physical System

  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning


  • Feb. 9- Congratulation to Hossein on his successful MASc defence.

  • Jan. 15- Our paper “Resilient Scheduling of Networked Microgrids Against Real-time Failures" is published in the IEEE Access Journal.

  • Dec. 23- Our paper "A Deep Neural Network Combined with Radial Basis Function for Abnormality Classification” is accepted in the Mobile Networks and Applications Journal.

  • Nov. 19- Congratulation to Abdul on his successful MASc. defence.

  • Oct. 12- Our paper “An Ensemble Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Electricity Theft Detection in Smart Grids” is accepted at IEEE System, Men, Cybernetic (IEEE SMC 2020).

  • Sept. 23- Our paper “A Multi-Kernel SVM and Meta-heuristic Feature Selection Approach for IoT Malware Threat Hunting” is published at  IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

  • Sept. 19- Congratulation to Shamim on her successful PhD defence.

  • Sept. 1- Our paper “A Hybrid Deep Learning-Based State Forecasting Method for Smart Power Grids” is accepted paper for presentation at IEEE System, Men, Cybernetic (IEEE SMC 2020).

  • Aug. 25- Our article titled "Cyber intrusion detection by combined feature selection algorithm" is listed as one of the most cited articles in the Journal of Information Security and Applications Articles.

  • Aug. 20- Our paper “Real-time Stability Assessment in Smart Cyber-physical Grids: A Deep Learning Approach” is published at IET Smart Grid Journal.

  • Aug. 18- Our paper “Ensemble Sparse Representation-based Cyber Threat Hunting for Security of Smart Cities” is published at Elsevier Computers & Electrical Engineering Journal

  • Aug. 10- Our paper “Enabling Drones in the Internet of Things with Decentralized Blockchain-based Security” is published at IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

  • July 23- Our book on “Security of Cyber-Physical Systems: Vulnerability and Impact” is published at Springer, Cham.

  • June 15- Our paper “An Energy Efficient Artificial Bee Colony-based Clustering in the Internet of Things” is published at Elsevier Computer & Electrical Engineering Journal.

  • May 13- Our paper “An Ensemble Deep Learning-Based Cyber-Attack Detection in Industrial Control System” is published at IEEE Access Journal.

  • May 8- Congratulation to Jacob on his successful MASc. defence.

  • April 17- Our paper “A Deep Neural Network Combined with Radial Basis Function for Abnormality Classification” is accepted for publication in Mobile Networks and Applications Journal.

  • Feb. 25- Our paper “An Improved Two Hidden-layer Extreme Learning Machine for Malware Hunting” is published at Elsevier Computer & Security Journal.

  • Feb. 1- Our paper “Machine Learning Based Solutions for Security of Internet of Things (IoT): A Survey” is published at Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications.

  • Jan. 21- Our paper “Detecting Cryptomining Malware: A Deep Learning Approach for Static and Dynamic Analysis” is published at the Journal of Grid Computing.

Lab Members

Ibrahim Al-Omari-MASc-W19-Present (UoG)

Hammed H. Pajouh-PhD-W19-Present (UoG)


Hussein M. Ruzbahani-PhD-F19-Present


Shahrzad H.Parast-PhD-F19-Present


Amir N. Jahromi-PhD-W20-Present (UoG)

Swaminathan S. Raman-MEng-W20-Present (UoG)

Abbas Yazdinejad-PhD-W21-Present (UoG)


Akram Kalaee,





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