The SCPS Lab is a research lab that conducts fundamental research on the advancement of new technology and principles to handle the challenges of critical cyber-physical systems. Our mission is to develop fully automated and intelligent monitoring and security solution to ensure reliable operation of the critical cyber-physical systems and industrial Internet of Things (IoT), including smart grids, oil and gas refinery, autonomous vehicles, and transportation systems. In SCPS Lab, we offer an inclusive work environment work with a diverse group of experienced researchers with different backgrounds, origins, genders, etc.! We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic researchers with a strong background in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, smart grids analysis and cyber-physical system modelling. 


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Prospective Graduate/Undergraduate Students

The required skills for potential graduate students include:

  • Strong background in control systems and/or programming (C/C++)

  • Experience using MATLAB/Simulink environment

  • Strong background in machine learning and data analytic  techniques

  • Background in detection and estimation theory

  • Strong oral and written communication skills


Before contacting us, please carefully read the   Graduate Application Information.

Please strictly follow the format below for your email :
The body of your email should include:

  • Your name

  • Your status in Canada, i.e., domestic or international student

  • The program you are applying to and the start date (Fall, Winter, or Summer)

  • Your degree information (university, country, GPA).

  • TOEFL/IELTS scores

Please attach the  PDF  file of your complete CV to your email. Financial assistance for qualified students will be provided as a combination of research assistantship and teaching assistantship.

For more information regarding financial support click here.

Lab Members

Ibrahim Al-Omari-MASc-W19-Present (UoG)

Hammed H. Pajouh-PhD-W19-Present (UoG)


Hussein M. Ruzbahani-PhD-F19-Present


Shahrzad H.Parast-PhD-F19-Present


Amir N. Jahromi-PhD-W20-Present (UoG)

Swaminathan S. Raman-MEng-W20-Present (UoG)

Abbas Yazdinejad-PhD-W21-Present (UoG)


Akram Kalaee,






Visiting / Postdoc


S. Mohamadi-S18

U of Oslo

F. darbandi-S19

U of Tabriz

Sh. Yousefi-F20

U of Tabriz


A. N. Jahromi-F19

U of Shiraz

Sh. H. Parast-S19


A. Jafari-S19

U of Tabriz


H. Majidi-MASc



J. Sakhnini-MASc


S. Mozafari-MEng W20-UoG

A. Al-Abassi-MASc F20-UoG

D. Patel-MEng


P. Patel-MEng


W. Han-MEng


M. Faizal-MEng


Undergrad Researcher

V. Desi-S18


S. Geris-F18


J. C. Cabello-S19

(U of São Paulo)

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